Aloha! Come enjoy the best day of your vacation with us and book your custom charter boat on Maui!

Kaha Loa is a 26 ft Glacier Bay power catamaran. We offer custom private charters out of Mala Boat Ramp in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Kaha Loa is permitted to take up to 6 passengers per USCG regulations. This helps us deliver a more personalized experience, and provides plenty of extra room for 6 people move around and ride in absolute comfort. Trips typically range from 2 to 6 hours, and cost between $900 and $2,150 (plus tax), however there’s no limit to what we can do for you. We love to provide that little something extra to make sure your experience is second to none. Aboard Kaha Loa we go where you want, when you want, and have tremendous amounts of FUN doing what YOU want! Please give us a call and let us know how we can be of service. We look forward to sharing an incredible day with you!

Kaha Loa is a 26 ft Glacier Bay power catamaran.

Our charter boat on Maui features an open bow design with lots of room to lay down up front to soak up the sun and enjoy the view. Kaha Loa sports a Bimini top to provide shade over the ample seating midship. Kaha Loa’s rockin’ stereo system is blue-tooth compatible so you can play all your favorite tunes right from your phone. We can also stream Pandora, or just appreciate the sounds of the sea as we cruise along.

Comfort, Relaxation, and tons of Fun.

Kaha Loa is fully stocked with everything you need to enjoy a day out on the water. We’ve got plenty of towels, snorkel gear of all sizes, life vests for the little ones, and plenty of coolers with ice. You’re welcome to bring along any adult beverages you’d like, and a picnic style lunch. We also have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and an assortment of snacks of your enjoyment.

Sit back and enjoy your ride aboard our charter boat on Maui.

Kaha Loa’s twin hulls offer the most comfortable ride in any sea conditions, and she is outfitted with all of the amenities: a private toilet below deck, a freshwater shower for rinsing off the salt, and a convenient swim step for getting in and out of the ocean. While Kaha Loa has every creature comfort, her greatest virtue is her ability to take you on the trip of a lifetime!


Who is Ahoy Charters and Kaha Loa?

Ahoy Charters is a company founded by Henore Letourneau and Ryan Grether to create unparalleled experiences and increase the joy in people’s lives.

Kaha Loa is our boat, our vessel, our faithful steed to carry us upon that journey!


What activities can we do aboard Kaha Loa?

Aboard our charter boat on Maui, you’re not limited to just one activity for the day! Popular activities include:

  • Snorkeling and SCUBA diving! We have a GoPro, and an underwater point-and-shoot camera to capture the fun!
  • Whale watching! Every year, thousands of whales migrate down from Alaska to spend the cold winter months of December through April in the warm waters of Hawaii. During whale season you can’t miss ’em. We even have a hydrophone so that you can listen to whale songs through the boat’s speakers.
  • Fishing! We’ve got top of the line equipment and a wide variety of lures to target any game fish in Hawaii, both trolling or bottom fishing. If you’re a dedicated fisherman, we can be out at the buoys at dawn, but many families enjoy the simplicity of dragging a few lines while cruising to a favorite snorkel spot.
  • Swimming with turtles! Everyone loves turtles, and we know right where to find them.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding! Take the board out to explore sea cliffs and caves up close, or get towed behind the boat for some extra excitement!

There’s really no end to what you can do on Kaha Loa, and we’re happy to accommodate any special request!

Just let us know what floats your boat!

Due to popular demand, Captain Henore can even bring his puppy Blue along for the ride. If you’re missing you’re own furry friend who couldn’t come on the trip with you, Blue will be more than happy to sleep on your lap.


How much does a trip cost?

Our tour options are unlimited, but most people prefer a 4-hour trip, or a 6-hour trip. These are our standard options if you want to make a reservation online:

  • The 6-hour departs either morning or afternoon, and costs $2,150 + tax.
  • The 4-hour departs either morning or afternoon, and costs $1,500 + tax.
  • The 2-hour sunset cruise departs around 5pm, and costs $900 + tax.

Morning trips depart between 6am and 10am. Afternoon trips depart between 1pm and 3pm. And sunsets cruises head out between 4pm and 5pm, depending on the season. Our online booking software is set to the most common departure times. Once you make a reservation, the Captain will contact you to arrange all the details for your perfect trip. Please let us know whatever we can do to create an extra special experience.

We also offer SCUBA diving as an optional addition for certified divers. This includes an expert divemaster, and the added cost is $250 + $50 per diver. You’re welcome to bring your own SCUBA equipment, or our divemaster will contact you to make arrangements for rental gear before the trip.


What to bring?

After booking your charter boat on Maui, all you need to do is make sure to bring along your sunglasses and a hat, and any food and adult beverages that you may want (we’ve got more cooler space than you can fill). Snorkel gear if you have a set you really like, otherwise we’ve got plenty of masks and flippers in every size.

Our tours include:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juice, and sodas.
  • Light snacks such as granola bars, beef jerky, and fruit snacks.
  • Extra towels.
  • Extra sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Flotation devices and swim noodles.
  • Snorkeling equipment of all sizes.
  • Fishing gear for both trolling and bottom fishing.
  • Waterproof camera and Go-Pro.
  • Stand-up paddle board.

Where do we meet our Captain and the boat?

Mala Boat Ramp in Lahaina.

Take Front St. until you see a big blue sign which reads, “JESUS COMING SOON.” Head towards the ocean and keep right. You’re there!

We also have a map on our Contact page to help you find it.


Where can we find parking?

Parking can be limited at Mala Boat Ramp.

You are allowed to park pretty much anywhere that doesn’t have a ‘No Parking’ sign between Front St. and the three orange dumpsters at the edge of the boat trailer parking area. Only vehicles with boat trailers attached are allowed in the marked spaces within the large paved area above the ramp.

If you have trouble finding parking, don’t worry. Just head to the boat ramp to drop your things and anyone who wants valet service, and the Captain will direct you to the best parking.


When should we be at Mala Boat Ramp?

There’s no need to get there super early. We ask that guests be at Mala Ramp 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. When you book a trip, the Captain will contact you to confirm a time that works best for you. Most people like the times that are set as default in our booking system, but we can easily make a change to suit your preference. It’s your boat for the day!


Will we see turtles, whales, dolphins, and manta rays? Will we catch lots of fish?

Turtles and reef fish are plentiful in Hawaii, and we know some awesome snorkel spots to find them year-round!

Whales are abundant from December through April. You might find the occasional early bird or straggler in November or May, but during the peak months, the seas between Maui and Lanai are packed with whale spouts and waving flippers!

Dolphins and manta rays are more nomadic. We know the spots they like to frequent, but can’t promise they’ll always be there. If you’re graced by a visit from these playful creatures, consider it a special treat. Let’s hop on the boat, and go find them!

When it comes to catching fish, we can always guarantee the fishing part. It’s the catching part that’s a bit harder to control. But if fishing were as easy as going to the supermarket, it wouldn’t be so much fun.

While we can’t exactly promise that you’ll ride a dolphin off into the sunset while holding hands with a beautiful mermaid, we have successfully played matchmaker with a very classy octopus, and one lucky guest. In the end they decided to go their separate ways (the octopus was a bit too clingy), but they had an amazing time together. We hope that you too will join us for an amazing day on the boat, forging lasting memories and friendships.

What other activities would you recommend on Maui?

Our island is such an amazing place, we recommend exploring it as much as you can. Charter tours on Maui are obviously our favorite activity, but if we’re not out on the water, then check out our top picks:

Let Me Show You Maui. Join our good friend Bobby Honu on a journey of discovery through tropical jungle with spectacular vistas, and waterfalls!

Krank Cycles. Mountain biking is probably the most fun you can have on dry land. From his shop located in Makawao town, our buddy Aaron aka “Moose” will set you up with a sick bike, and point you to all the best trails.

Maui Surfer Girls. We love the ocean, and we really love surfing! Maui Surfer Girls is the best place to learn. If you’ve never surfed before, get out there and catch a wave!

Cesere Brothers Photography. Want to remember your vacation in the finest style? These guys have some absolutely breathtaking images to hang on your wall!