Fishing with Kaha Loa

Your exciting day fishing starts at Mala Boat ramp in Lahaina at a time of your choosing.  Morning trips depart between 6-10am, or afternoon trips depart between 1-3pm depending on length of trip, availability, and your personal preference.  Just choose morning or afternoon, and I will contact you to determine exactly what time you would like to start your excursion. Just bring your sense of adventure, and I have everything else that you might need.  BYOB and BYOP (Picnic lunch) always encouraged.

Kaha Loa is a custom private charter boat providing the highest level of customer service and attention to detail

We don’t want to point fingers, but there are fishing charters on the island who focus on making money by selling fish, and try to keep all of the catch for themselves.  On Kaha Loa, fishing is just one of many ways that we spend an enjoyable day with our guests to achieve our primary goal of customer satisfaction. When you reel in a delicious fish, we’ll bring it aboard, clean it for you, and send you off with as much of the fresh catch as you want.  I’ve had a chef aboard who was super excited to bring back fish to prepare for a family reunion, and have delighted many guests by connecting them with a local restaurant to serve up their fresh catch cooked just the way they like it. You can rest assured that your day on the water with us will be safe, comfortable, professional, and fun.  While we are absolutely down for the “guys out fishing day,” we pride ourselves on being family friendly. We want to help your kids catch their first fish, and bait the hooks for anyone who doesn’t like touching worms 😉, all while fetching you a cold beverage with the hand that doesn’t smell like fish.

We can troll up to 8 lines with the outriggers when conditions allow, otherwise 6 lines are much more manageable.  Or if you’re more interested in casual fishing between snorkel spots, we can quickly put out 4 lines and still have a great chance of a hook-up.  We have 2 Shimano 80s, 4 Penn 50s, and a couple of Penn 30s to run out the back for some straggling mahi or small tuna (though it is sure going to be a blast when we hook into something big on them)

When trolling, we are most likely to catch Ono (Wahoo), Mahi Mahi (Dorado), and several species of Tuna, Ahi being the favorite.  I have seen several Marlin, and even had one slashing one of my lures for several minutes, but have not yet landed one. I have a recurring dream where we hook into a monster.  The details play out a bit differently each time, however the dream always ends with the fish tied to the gunwale or dragged up the middle of the boat as we triumphantly head back to the harbor to have it lifted off the boat with the loading dock crane and weighed.  If bottom fishing is more your style we can expect snapper, jacks, nabeta (a local favorite) or at the very least a couple of trigger fish for the kids.

I love fishing and have a rather healthy addiction to making lures and buying gear

Eventually I am going to have to get a bigger boat just to have enough space for all my lure bags and gear.  I personally love trolling for the pelagic fish mentioned above. My senior deckhand Will is a big bottom fishing and jigging guy.  He really enjoys the engagement of holding the rod in your hands and feeling the strike as the fish take the bait. We’ve got a few honey holes that usually produce fish especially when the tides and lunar cycles are aligned with the time we are out on the water.

I love to cook, and owned a restaurant just prior to moving to Maui

I would love to send you home with a big bag of delicious fish along with some tried and true suggestions for preparing it.  If you don’t have access to a kitchen, I’ve got friends in the restaurant industry who would be more than happy to build a gourmet meal around your fresh catch.

Whatever your fishing desires may be, from leaving the dock with the rising sun to travel far offshore, to spending a day with the family fishing in the comfortable lee of the island, we have you covered aboard Kaha Loa!

Kaha Loa is always your boat for the day.  We are happy to be able to integrate EVERYTHING that we offer on every trip.  Whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, Kaha Loa has you covered!  A day of fishing can easily become a snorkel trip. Just say the word!