Snorkeling with Kaha Loa

Your amazing day snorkeling starts at Mala Boat Ramp in Lahaina at a time of your choosing.  Morning trips departing between 6-10am, or afternoon trips depart between 1-3pm depending on the length of trip, availability, and your personal preference.  Just choose morning or afternoon, and I will contact you to determine exactly what time you would like to start your excursion. The boat is fully stocked with everything you might need.  Just bring your sense of adventure! BYOB and BYOP (Picnic lunch) always encouraged.

Snorkeling in Hawaii is one of the most unique and rewarding activities for locals and tourists alike

The nearly constant water temperature in the mid-70s allows not only for a very comfortable and enjoyable experience, but also for a wide variety of amazing marine life to flourish!  One of the greatest things about snorkeling is how accessible it is to anyone who would like to give it a try. A mask is all you really need, though we have plenty of snorkels and fins to make it easier to move around.  We also have lots of flotation options so you can relax while observing the beauty of nature all around you. The more relaxed and calm you are, the more that aquatic wildlife will feel comfortable with you, so that you can get up close and fully experience their underwater world.

It’s no surprise that snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on Maui

On Kaha Loa, I always strive to find secluded spots to snorkel where we can enjoy the tranquil beauty without crowds or distractions.  I’ve got a number of regular favorite spots, but there are countless others to explore, and I looooove exploring! We’ve got total freedom and flexibility to find whatever location will have the best conditions for the day, and the most desirable type of snorkeling for everyone aboard.  Kaha Loa is your boat for the day, and we do whatever you would like! If you want shallow gardens of coral to peacefully float over, we have that. If you want deeper water to hone your freediving skills, we have that too. I can take you to spots with underwater arches, chasms, and pinnacles to swim through and feel the three-dimensional freedom of a bird flying.  If you want turtles more than anything else, I know several secret spots that the turtles love. If sharks excite you, I know where we can usually find some adorable reef sharks sleeping on the bottom (I compare reef sharks to golden retrievers with fins). Most people would rather not see sharks, though, and luckily they’re nocturnal and very easy to avoid. The best thing about being on a boat all to yourself is that we’re not limited to a preset schedule.  We can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Kaha Loa’s powerful twin engines allow us to get to remote places quickly allowing us to spend more time enjoying nature, and less time commuting.

What I love best about snorkeling, is sharing my passion for the ocean and its amazing marine life with my friends and guests aboard Kaha Loa.  It is especially gratifying to encourage kids and adults alike to try snorkeling for the first time. I have literally held people’s hands in the water to give them an extra boost of confidence.  For many, the ocean is a very foreign environment, and can be quite intimidating. But the experience of taking the plunge is totally worth it. I have all the necessary equipment to keep you safe and secure, and I’ve spent thousands of hours immersed in these beautiful waters.  The smiles and heartfelt thank you’s that I get from someone after they have conquered their fears and gone snorkeling is rewarding beyond words.

With both a Captain and deckhand aboard, you get twice the amount of personal attention, and the added piece of mind that there is always someone available to help you and your loved ones.  If your children get tired, one of us will be more than happy to hang out with them on the boat while you continue exploring the ocean. Thankfully, we’ve never had to use it, but Kaha Loa is outfitted with an extensive medical kit including emergency oxygen.  The Captain and crew are also CPR and first aid certified with well developed hero complexes. We focus on having fun, but are ready for anything.

Snorkeling with Kaha Loa includes top of the line gear

I have multiple styles of masks to ensure a proper fit with no leaks.  Everyone’s face is shaped a bit differently, and a mask that works great for me may not work as well for you.  I always recommend that if you have a mask or goggles that you like, bring them along. If not, we’ve got plenty of different styles, and I’m sure we’ll have one that fits you comfortably.  We have a wide range of fins to fit everyone from toddlers to size 15. Unless you’re Shaquille O’Neal, we’ve probably got you covered. Fins make swimming much easier and more energy efficient.  Kaha Loa has a plethora of flotation devices available. The typical favorite pool noodle (also sometimes called the spaghetti) comes in a few colors to hopefully match your swimsuit, as well as float belts, and sporty lifejackets that are especially great for young children or anyone that wants the added security and comfort of knowing that there is absolutely no way you are going to sink!  I even have a long waterskiing rope that can be hung off the back of the boat and you can just hold onto that if you would like to have the most relaxing snorkel possible.

We have a GoPro and waterproof point-and-shoot camera for you to use, and I will drop box you the photos at the end of the day.  My deckhand and I would also love to capture the moment with underwater family photos, and we can swim down deep to get close-up shots of something that strikes your fancy from the surface.  I can free dive to over 100’ on a good day, and all of my deckhands are also accomplished free divers. So have no fear, if you forget your sunglasses on your head when you jump in, there is a very good chance that we can retrieve them for you.

Kaha Loa is perfectly set up for snorkeling with a large swim step and ladder for easy entry and exit from the water.  We also have a freshwater shower aboard. I love the salt water, but really love being able to rinse it off before putting a shirt back on!

Whatever your experience level or snorkeling desires, we have you covered aboard Kaha Loa! 

Kaha Loa is always your boat for the day.  We are happy to be able to integrate EVERYTHING that we offer on every trip.  Whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, Kaha Loa has you covered!